POP WORKS - boutique film and video production company - is located in downtown Manhattan at Tribeca Film Center and services all stages of the video and film process from initiating creative concepts to the final product. 
At POP WORKS translating the client's vision is the primary concern. POP WORKS collaborates with only the finest professionals in the field starting with award winning cinematographers, editors and graphic designers on down to the very best hair and make-up artists. Our postproduction facility open up the full range of possibilities from eye catching one of a kind graphics to original musical scores. The final product is then delivered in whatever format best suits the client's needs. The results are client-driven, high-quality productions that are always fresh, smart and clever.
POP WORKS founder, Rade Popovic, with more than 20 years of experience brings his vast and eclectic experience as a director, editor and producer. Rade has worked with leading New York productions and post productions and numerous European networks in news, fashion, documentary and commercial features. His unique combination of visual acuity and his ability to capture the essence of what a particular client wants makes him an incredible asset.
At POP WORKS the professional environment created is one in which clients feel comfortable in expressing their vision and are guided through all phases of the creative process, from initial concept to the final product.  The end results not only meet the highest standards of professionalism but also more importantly fully and concisely express the message of the client.

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